Our Story

Dale Schulz, owner of Schulz Homes based in Middleburg, VA has been building custom homes for more than 25 years. When building a custom home, Dale insisted on installing propane tanks on the owner’s lots which were owned by the homeowner, not the propane company. Having your own tank gives you choices, if you don’t have ownership; you are bound to your provider’s significantly higher prices. In Dale’s own words, “It’s like owning a Ford car and only being allowed to use Shell gasoline no matter what the competitor down the street is charging.”

After familiarizing himself even more closely with the propane industry, it was clear to him that there was vacuum in the market to provide honest, reliable and just service in the propane industry. Subsequently, Dale decided to start his own propane company to fill the need of a local resident which was founded on honesty, fair prices and reliability, and thus, Hunt Country Propane was born.

At Hunt Country Propane, we are adamant about our customer service. Our goal is to develop relationships with our customers; we want them to know that we will provide fair and reliable service. We value and honor each of our clients, and we always hope that they have confidence in our services.

We are pleased to serve Loudoun, Fauquier, Clarke, and Prince William County where residents can pay fair, consistent transparent prices for their propane. We look forward to taking care of your propane needs.

A 5-minute call could save you $1,000 or more a year on your propane bill!