Residential Propane Tank Buyback

Loudoun, Fauquier, Clarke or Prince William County residents may need to have their propane tanks bought back from the companies that own them in order to switch to Hunt Country Propane.

The companies that own the propane tanks require homeowners to use their brand of propane. Because of this, propane vendors can charge any amount they choose for propane knowing that the customer must pay. As a result, you could be paying much more than your neighbor for the exact same propane.

In the words of Dale Schulz, owner of Hunt Country Propane, “It’s like owning a Ford car and only being allowed to use Shell gasoline no matter what the competitor down the street is charging.”

The truth is, propane costs too much!

Hunt Country Propane will negotiate the buyback of your tank for you. Simply call our office at 540-687-3608 and ask to speak with Barbara or Katie or fill out this form, and we will take care of the rest.

Why continue to buy propane from a large propane company that continues to take advantage of you?

Due to the products we offer at the price we offer them, Hunt Country Propane is only able to take 500 new customers this season.

For more information on our propane tank buyback services, contact Hunt Country Propane today.


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Residential Propane Tank Buyback
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